Alexander´s talk

Jeffrey Alexander´s guest lectures start today with the lecture on "Civil sphere, multiculturalism and modes of incorporation" and continues tomorrow on the topic of "Material culture and the analytical re-enchantment of modern experience: iconicity, iconic meaning and iconic experience".


Center for Cultural Sociology is again pleased to organize annual conference Identities in Conflict, Conflict in Identities. More information is available at the website.

Research Project - Memocities

Center for Cultural Sociology has been awarded a grant program to conduct a research on collective memory with a title Collective Memory And Urban Space Transformation. The aim of the project is focused on an explanation of the relation between the collective memory and urban developement: to describe and explain how the representation of the past intervenes to the urban planning and development and how controversial urban objects themselves influence the creation and articulation the relation towards the past.

Visit And Speech Of Benjamin Roth

7th June 2012

Center for Cultural Sociology organized a meeting with PhD candidate from University of Boston, Benjamin Roth.

We were happy that Mr. Roth had accepted our invitation and gave a speech on the topic: 'Heidegger, Narrative and the Self'. His lecture was focused on the problems of narrativity as a constructive paradigm in social sciences. The philosophical inview was refreshing in the social science backround.